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The Explore Kentucky Must List: Waterfalls (Pt 2)

Greetings fellow waterfallers and explorers to the latest installment of the Explore Kentucky Must List: Waterfalls!  Last time, in Part 1, we visited 5 waterfalls which stretched from outside of Berea to the Daniel Boone National Forest a few miles downstream from Cumberland Falls.  Here, with Part 2 we’re going to pick up with where we left off and begin with The Big Falls itself, Cumberland Falls, and make our way into the less visited Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and then back into the Daniel Boone National Forest.  So take a seat and let’s continue on our journey to Kentucky's beautiful falling waterways...

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Birding for Millennials

There are many ways to walk on a trail. There are times when I walk in order to talk with a friend, get to know a person. Other times, I walk by myself, wondering as I wander like the Kentuckian folksinger John Jacob Niles. When, at 26 years old, a misplaced Kentuckian living in Montana, I learned how to “bird,” I found yet another way to walk, a way where my tinkering mind quieted, and I could hold each present moment, lingering in the forest, in the meadow, by the wetland, with my binoculars fixed to my eyes, watching wild birds do their secret magic of flying, full of hollow bones, covered in a quilt of feathers.

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