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Cumberland Falls State Resort Park: Our Take

One place I had never been and one of Kentucky’s largest attractions is Cumberland Falls located within the Big South Fork area of Daniel Boone National Forest on the Cumberland River. The falls is the largest in the state, one of the largest in the region, and it separates both McCreary and Whitley County, Kentucky. The state park resort Dupont Lodge is the key place to stay when visiting this nearly 1,700 acre park and has a very warm and friendly environment.

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Spring Break-Red River Gorge "Day without signal"

Today we got to do a bit more than we had on the entire trip and we found a flushable bathroom at the Gladie Ranger Station. That's a good place to be near because you can go in wash up with warm water and use a clean bathroom. We got up late but still managed to get quite a bit done. We started by going to Chimney Top Rock, we took some cool pictures and then started driving through the Red River Gorge  scoping out some campsites.

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