Vintage and Urban Exploring

By Brandi Potter @brandipphoto

I recently took some promotional photos for a friends new business: Ragbag Vintage. Her main goal is to provide timeless pieces and to make people aware that shopping vintage is environmentally friendly, also the whole shop local thing comes into play here. She sells at popup events (think the night market) and you can find her rolling around Lexington in her vintage camper selling merchandise. 

I am an artist, and not the typical explorer. I love revisiting the same city over and over, because I normally find something new. The fox and mouse graffiti can be an example of that. I have no clue when that was made, or why, but I saw it for the first time on this shoot. 

There have been several times that this has happened to me. I'll be shooting in an urban location and stumble across a mural or statue I had never noticed before. It just goes to show that exploring doesn't just have to be going on a hike or visiting abandoned places, it can also be wandering around the same city or town that you grew up in and seeing it in a different way. 


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