Clever With Leather

By: Kyle Wooton  @wootonworks

Leather Fit for the Queen. 

          Claire Painter of Clever With Leather in Versailles, KY spent nearly a decade becoming a master saddler as well studying leather goods design  in London, England.  Hard worker, hardly defines the person behind her thick English accent.   Claire came to the United States 20 years ago where she ironically landed in the Horse Capital of the World.  Lexington, KY.  Claire, buckled down and got to work, launching her business Clever With Leather, and she hasn't looked back since.  The master saddler creates beautiful equestrian themed belts and bracelets that are simply breath taking. Did I mention she makes a big effort to purchase her supplies locally?   Crazy bag ladies, you need to give Claire a call.   She can custom design all your accessories.  Seriously, why shop at Coach when you can purchase something of much higher quality, locally?  Claire also creates dog collar and leashes for your furry friends.    I spent the evening speaking with Claire listening to her story.  She is brilliant and a joy to be around.   I asked Claire why she decided to come across the pond?  She simply replied, "Growing up my mom told us  life is like a bus ride, when we get on the bus there are people already on the bus, (Friends and Family) and as we ride along people will get off and some will get on and some will even sit with us for the duration, but everybody has a different stop. and one day we to will have to get off the bus of life and leave others behind to continue the ride. So enjoy the ride and those you are blessed to share it with, because you really never know what the next stop will bring."