The Secrets of Old Richardsville Road Bridge

By Maria Burnett @MariaEllen

Built in 1889 by the King Iron Company of Cleveland, Ohio, this bridge, running across the Barren River, on the outskirts of Bowling Green, KY is one of the last bridges of its kind. For those of you who might know a thing or two about architecture, this is a span bowstring, arch-truss bridge that spans 138.1 ft. The bridge was inducted into the National Register of Historic Places in November of 1980. Thanks to local entrepreneur David Garvin (recently deceased 1943-2014, may he rest is peace), the bridge was kept up with regular repairs, and is still in use daily by area natives.

However, this bridge is not known solely for his beauty and historic significance. Every Bowling Green/Warren county resident is aware of the supernatural force surrounding the landmark. There are many versions of the tale, but the most common one that crops up in conversation is that a young girl discovered she was pregnant, and committed suicide by  throwing herself off of the bridge.

So if you're interested in being "haunted", here is what you need to do. Wait until nightfall and pull your car onto the bridge. Turn your vehicle completely off with it put into neutral. The ghost of the girl will push your car all the way across to the other side so that you will not face the same fate as hers.

Spooked yet? Head to the Old Richardsville Road Bridge and try it out yourself!