Kentucky Waterman Series + EKI Rules

  • The following are the official race rules of the Explore Kentucky Initiative, LLC (EKI). These policies apply to all competitive events managed by EKI & it’s partners.

  • All participants must follow event rules as part of the registration process for a given event. Violation of any of the following event rules will result in disqualification from the race in question. In certain circumstances of significant abuse, neglect, or disregard for the official race rules a competitor who violates these rules may be barred from all future participation in any EKI event. Such action is at the discretion of EKI’s leadership team. There will be no exceptions to these rules.

  1. Leave No Trace - As a social enterprise rooted in the protection of our public lands and waterways, we promote the tenets of LNT at all of our events. EKI strives for sustainability in everything we do and we hold our participants to the same standard.  

  2. Receiving Aid - Event participants must maintain forward progress during a race under their own power. No motorized or otherwise assisted travel will be permitted.

  3. Courteous and Respectful Behavior - Mistreatment of race volunteers, other racers, or the general public will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.

    • Ie No foul language or intentional ramming into another competitors craft.

  4. Banditing - Only registered participants and official pacers will be allowed on the course.  No unofficial participants or "bandits" will be allowed. Banditing will result in the participant being barred from future EKI events.

  5. Smoking - Smoking by participants, pacers, or crew is not permitted on the event course.

  6. Cut-off times: - Cut-off times will be strictly enforced to the second.

  7. Finish Line Cut-Offs - Any paddler not across the finish line before the final finish line cut-off time will be disqualified from the event. Paddlers who miss the final finish line cut-off will not receive a finisher award and will receive a "Did Not Finish" official finish time. This will be enforced to the exact second, and no exceptions will be made. To receive a finisher award paddlers MUST meet the finish line cut-off.

  8. Lifejacket - All paddlers are required to wear US Coast Guard or International Canoe Federation approved lifejackets during events.



Refund Policy

  • In the instance that an event is canceled or postponed as a result of (and not limited to) an act of God, Natural Disaster, war, strike, revolution, lack or failure of transportation facilities, laws or interventions or actions of statutory bodies, major accidents during the race, or other such causes, EKI will make every effort to reschedule the race to a later date of our choosing. If the registrant can not make the rescheduled date, the registrant acknowledges that NO REFUND will be granted.

  • However, participants who are unable to participate in the race for which they have registered may transfer their registration to another individual, transfer their registration to a different distance within the same event, or transfer their registration to another event.  See the Transfer Policy below for further details. 

    • EKI may to its discretion provide discounts if an event is postponed or canceled.


Transfer Policy


NOTE: As EKI-KWS events are conducted by different race directors. Transfer policies differ from event to event, so read these policies closely.  NO TRANSFERS WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF AN EVENT.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • EKI hosted events:  

  • Expedition Frankfort, Great Ohio River Odyssey, The Lovely Laurel River Lake Paddle Blast, Bluegrass River Run, and Big South Fork River Dash.

  • Transfer to Another Participant: Participants may transfer their registration to someone else. Please contact EKI Staff if you plan to do so.

  • Transfers to a Different Distance: Participants may transfer their registration to a different distance within the same event. Participants are also liable for paying any difference in price between the two event types.

  • Transfers to A Different Event- Participants may transfer their registration to a different EKI hosted KWS event 2 weeks prior to an event. To do this you must notify EKI Staff. When your registration has been canceled you will receive a Paddleguru credit for a future registration to another EKI event.

    • You may not "rollover" or defer your registration to the same event the following year.

  • Cancellations prior to 30 days before the event - 100% full refund.