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Louisville Group Spends Weekend Kayaking and Camping in LBL Backcountry

As the sun began to sink below the horizon, we packed up our gear. We wished them well for the long evening ahead and for the last leg of their trip. Their exhausted smiles will forever be etched in my memory. Smiles that only come from contentment from an excellent day on the river with friends. Perhaps by the time they return, we’ll have larger kayaks ourselves. And we’ll be strong enough to keep up with their speed. If not, we’ll offer them trail magic again, and find a few more lessons learned.

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Kayak Kentucky: A different place, at a different pace.

I’m a Kentucky girl. And I love this land like the desert loves the rain. I thrive off of it. Our land's geography is so amazingly diverse from east to west and I retreat to it when I need to steady my soul.  I love hiking and repelling the mountains and forests, driving the winding one lane back roads, exploring caves and roaming Kentucky everywhere in between.

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