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Chimney Top Rock x 3D

I scanned news articles from around the state as well as Ohio, to see how the deaths stack up at Chimney Top.  The Forest Service reported that between 1960 and 2005, there were 73 reported deaths in Red River Gorge. 19 of those were via falls from Chimney Top Rock.  Over the next 11 years, news outlets report another 4 or 5 from atop the rock, including 3 in 2016 alone. In those 8 years, 12 died in the gorge that were reported in the local news, as well as an additional 2 bodies decayed to just bones were found in the gorge.

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Be That Girl

Ladies, stop sitting at home looking through your Instagram feed wishing you were “that girl”. BE that girl! Take your adventure into your own hands. If you let fear of the unknown consume you, then you will never know what greatness lies in the outdoors.  I believe by properly preparing yourself, there is no destination that cannot be reached by a group of women, or even a woman trekking out into the wild on her own. By preparing yourself, you CAN DO THIS! It's like this; Know your trail. Know your waterway. Know your limits.

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