Chasing Waterfalls

By David Rogers, Field Team Member

I don't follow TLC's advice, I live to " chase waterfalls". As a hiker and adventurer, they are part of natural obsessions. This past Sunday I felt an urge to get my waterfall fix so I took a short trip to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary,  which is located just outside of Lexington, KY. Arriving there I signed into the Nature Center and took in the interior which is always full of neat artifacts from around the park. Leaving the center, I hit the trail hiking out to the Kentucky River Overlook. Although it was a cloudy day and the view from the overlook was less spectacular than it normally is on a bright, clear day, I still took a few moments to sit and just watch the river flowing a hundred feet below.

DSC_0101 copy.jpg

After eating a quick snack while enjoying the view I continued my adventure, hiking down to Evans Mill Falls, one of many waterfalls inside the park boundaries.

DSC_0217 copy.jpg

The falls were flowing very nice, producing a relaxing and soothing sound. These falls are always a main interest point for me every time I visist Raven Run and I love to shoot long exposures. After getting several shots of the falls, I ventured out on the trail following the many creeks inside the park in search of other falls to shoot. I started off walking upstream from Evans Mill passing a few smaller falls along the way. Then within moments I found myself at the base of the larger water feature, Raven Run Falls.

Once I got the shots I wanted I packed my gear back up and heading back downstream, passing Evans Mill Falls again, where I found a nice staircase-like cascading waterfall.

I was surprised to find it and pulled my camera out for more long exposures.  After finding this beauty I decided to call it a day and head back to the Nature Center to sign out before the trails closed. It was an awesome day, full of hiking and chasing waterfalls, making it a great Sunday Funday adventure. For all my waterfall lovers out there and nature lovers alike, I strongly suggest making a day trip to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary. It's a very well preserved park with clearly marked trails and maps, with a beautiful river overlook, nice wooded areas, and clean flowing waterways.

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