Homeplace on Green River

I like photography. It's always been a passion for me. When I was a young girl my mother gave me her old Nikon from the 1980's to play with after she upgraded to a newer model for all our family shots. Looking back, there was never any film in that old Nikon but I took it with me everywhere. You could find me following quietly behind my parents on adventures snapping pretend photos with my camera. 

As a young girl I didn't understand the science behind a camera but I knew the value of a photograph. We take pictures of things we want to remember or want to share. My family took weekend trips to nearly every Kentucky State Park when I was young. I traveled all over our beautiful state to places like Dale Hollow Lake, Kenlake, Lake Barkley, Rough River, Lake Cumberland, and Green River Lake. I'm well traveled in the Bluegrass and I can rattle off facts like your great grandmother. 

Eventually, I grew up and my trips to Kentucky State Parks with my parents and twin brother grew fewer and fewer. I got a drivers license and made my own adventures. However, I never lost my love for Kentucky. I attended Lindsey Wilson College from 2005-2009. After graduation I hung around for graduate school (Go Tops!) and was inevitably and fortunately hired full-time as Bonner Program Coordinator at Lindsey Wilson. Being in South-Central Kentucky was like traveling to my second home. You see, this same area I had traveled as a little girl en route to some of my favorite Kentucky State Parks was now my home. Even after nine years, I still find the area that surrounds Adair County some of the most beautiful in Kentucky. 

A few weeks ago I made the 15 minute drive from Columbia to Campbellsville to pick up some last minute Christmas gifts for work. On the journey back to my apartment I stopped at two of my favorite places to photograph and hike -- Green River Lake and the Homeplace on Green River. 

Green River Lake State Park is situated in Taylor County. The park features plenty of hiking trails and opportunities for camping or fishing. I mostly like to look at the lake and hike any of the 28 miles of trails. 

Homeplace on Green River is dedicated to the protection and promotion of rural American culture through the sustainability of agriculture and natural resources utilizing education, conservation and the economic opportunities of agro-tourism. Homeplace showcases the local history of Adair, Green, and Taylor counties.

If you find yourself in the area you should definitely check these two places. Everything is free so it's the perfect spot for a date (think hiking and picnic) or an afternoon adventure with friends. When the weather warms up rent a boat and cruise the lake. Unplug from the bustle of everyday life immerse yourself in a part of Kentucky that moves a little bit slower than metropolitan Louisville or Lexington. South-Central Kentucky is a treasure in it's own right. 

I managed to take a few photos on my quick trip and they are included in this piece. No matter how much of a hurry I am in, I make time to snap a few photos. These days, my camera still doesn't have film in it but it does have a powerful memory card. I find myself editing the photos with a fade effect which you'll notice. I think the photos from Green River Lake remind me of my childhood and the things I used to see on our family Kentucky adventures. They are powerful to me because nostalgia is a tradition of hope. It is a tradition that things can and will be that good again if we remember it. And thanks to photographs, we can. 

Keep exploring.

Cherise MingusComment