Explore Kentucky Decal NO.1

Explore Kentucky Decal NO.1


Our retro inspired Explore Kentucky Decal No.1 has been redesigned for 2017 to be more streamlined and with two different colors being introduced every month.  This decal is meant to signify your commitment as an explorer of Kentucky to traversing through all 120 of Kentucky's counties making friends and going on adventures along the way! Whether it be kayaking the Elkhorn Creek, hiking trails in Breaks Interstate Parks, climbing cliffs in the Red Rive Gorge, or liquid shredding the Ohio River on stand-up paddleboard. Placing this decal on your car, laptop, skateboard, canoe lets people know you are joining the ranks of great Kentucky adventurers like Dr. Thomas Walker, Daniel Boone, and Joe Bowen.

Made in the USA. Designed by Zach Hannibal

 4" x 3.51" Waterproof, Trail-proof Decal


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