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We use our social media channels, appearances at events, event calendar, guest speaking engagements, print materials, films, and our website to promote Kentucky’s amazing outdoor scene.



A huge part of our mission is to use innovation and creativity to inspire people to explore Kentucky and get outdoors. Digital cameras have opened up the world like never before and  people are inspired to explore more now than ever in history.  Our goal is to help further stimulate this appetite for adventure and create films that range from 15 seconds to feature length that showcase the visual tempo of Kentucky’s outdoor scene.



So many people are seeking to get outdoors but don't often know where to begin. Guided trips help open the door for them. Along with novices, those with experience and skills can connect with others who share a passion for the outdoors during these excursions. EKI offers events, classes and workshops that are either free, have a suggested donation, or require a fee. Check-out our event calendar for more details.