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Wolfe County, Ky

Partner: Mountain Tech Media & WOlfe County Tourism Commission 

EKI led the overall process of designing a new digital home for Wolfe County Tourist Commission (WCTC) which is operated under the counties' fiscal court. Wolfe County is home to a significant portion of Kentucky's beloved Red River Gorge National Geological Area. For the past 4 years, WCTC operated a basic Weebly page that had decent interaction, was very text heavy, and light on visuals. Last fall, we successfully pitched the commission to develop a new website in collaboration with Mountain Tech Media. Over the past several months, we applied our extensive knowledge of the region's tourism assets to create a contemporary site layout with engaging copy, high quality imagery, and location information. The project was unveiled to the public in May 2018


  • `We worked with WCTC to on insuring the various website sections appealed to a diverse demographic of potential tourists.

  • EKI Founder, Gerry James shot the principal photography for the website, including images of scenery, businesses, activities, & dining.

  • We insured the new site was optimized for search engines with usage of key-wording and creation + submission to Google of a sitemap,