Crew & Credits

Filmed and Edited by Nate Spicer

Run Time: 1:38

 "  When it comes to the Red River Gorge National Geological Area there are two facets; there’s the tourist scene with readily accessible destinations:  Red River Gorge ZiplineTorrent Falls, and Natural Bridge- which are amazing in their own right.  But as someone with an Indiana Jones Complex, I find myself drawn to its more rugged, feral side:  hikes to Indian Staircase, Copperas Falls, stumbling upon one of the Gorge’s hundreds of unnamed waterfalls,  or getting caught up in the thorn laden forest off the trails . When I came across  Kirk Gilchrist on Instagram, it was immediately clear that he suffered from  the same  “affliction  “as me. Kirk’s love for the unsung natural world was evident through the exhilarating photos on his account: bounding over rocks, exploring unnamed arches, and other geological formations I had never fathomed existed in Kentucky. Thanks to the power of social media, I soon found myself and Field Team Members, David Rogers invited on a weekend  guided hike into the Gorge’s back country lead by  Kirk,  a self taught naturalist, hiker, and owner of an import car shop. He warned us that we would bleed, become fatigued, walk in cold creeks etc, but that we would emerge having seen sights few have ever seen... " -

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