One of Explore Kentucky's core missions is to help develop recreational areas across the state.  We have been in talks with the Corps of Engineers about a climbing resource named Dismal Rock, located outside of Nolin River State Park. Dismal Rock has been utilized as a climbing location for many years, but in the past several years has been left alone due to issues with legal access to portions of the main rock and the top side of the rock.  The topside of this area has historically been accessed via a social trail from a boat ramp across the highway.  Unfortunately this trail crosses private property and it appears to be impossible to access the top of “Dismal Rock” without trespassing.  However, the majority of the lower side of the rock and other possible climbing routes are located on public property managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  

Goals for this project:

Work with the Corps of Engineers, local government and climbers to help open the area back up to climbing.

Figure out a way to work with landowners to find a way to be sustainable and  enjoy Dismal Rock. Secure recreational access easement.

Access the safety of current climbing hardware installed, establish a bolting permit program.

Help develop a sustainable trail system for climbers/bikers/hikers with trail signage.

Create a guidebook.