Kentucky Waterman Series

How the KWS Point System Works

  • All racers must be scored on the same number of races. Since the series takes place over several months and not every racer can attend each race, the scoring threshold is set to 4 races in the 2017 season.

  • KWS series points are assigned to racers according to their place at the finish line. (1 point for first, 2 for second, etc.) Racers who do not finish a race, retire, or are disqualified score the number of boats in the race plus one. The racer with the lowest total score wins the series.

  • Racers who attend fewer than 4 of the races do not “qualify” and are not scored for the season.

  • Racers who attend more than 4 races, have their highest scores thrown out ( at the end of the season) and are only scored on their best races.

  • In according to qualify for ranking, at least 4 races must be done with the same paddlecraft

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Overall Series  Prizes

KWS 2017 Series Ranking

As of 9/18/2017