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Be That Girl

Ladies, stop sitting at home looking through your Instagram feed wishing you were “that girl”. BE that girl! Take your adventure into your own hands. If you let fear of the unknown consume you, then you will never know what greatness lies in the outdoors.  I believe by properly preparing yourself, there is no destination that cannot be reached by a group of women, or even a woman trekking out into the wild on her own. By preparing yourself, you CAN DO THIS! It's like this; Know your trail. Know your waterway. Know your limits.

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A Guide To Finding Calm In Red River Gorge

When your body finally tells you to eat, make your way to one of the gorge’s staple spots. Grab pizza at Miguel’s or a burger at Red River Rock House. Fill your empty stomach and forget to count the carbs, the calories, the grams of sugar in your Ale 8. Meet the people seated with you — the group of businessmen from California, the RRG regulars, the guys who live a neighborhood over from you.

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The Spoke Easy: Everyone Is Welcome

The Spoke Easy is the newest addition to one of the hippest small towns in Kentucky. Located in downtown Campbellsville, TSE is the city's first bike shop in a couple of decades. The outdoor recreational scene is growing in the area because of the great trails at Green River Lake State Park, making this the perfect time for a bike shop to open.

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A Shared Oasis: World-class rock climbing debuts at The Breaks Interstate Park

I took what I’d call a reconnaissance trip to The Breaks in 2012. I wanted to look at it with my new climber’s perspective, and I was thrilled with what I found. Several sport routes had already been developed. Assuming (generally a bad idea) that climbing was permitted, I got a crew of Lexington climbers together to explore the new territory. That’s when I met Austin Bradley.

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Kayak Kentucky: A different place, at a different pace.

I’m a Kentucky girl. And I love this land like the desert loves the rain. I thrive off of it. Our land's geography is so amazingly diverse from east to west and I retreat to it when I need to steady my soul.  I love hiking and repelling the mountains and forests, driving the winding one lane back roads, exploring caves and roaming Kentucky everywhere in between.

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Eastern Kentucky Explorations - Pike County

Greetings, fellow explorers! China Riddle here - a native Pike Countian, senior at Alice Lloyd College, foodie, and mini-adventure enthusiast. As much as I would love to be a member of the Explore Kentucky field team, I am moving after my graduation in December. So, they have graciously allowed me to act as a guest blogger.

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