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It’s Only Going Up From Here: Climbing gym opens in Bowling Green

In August of 2016 the Vertical Excape Facebook page made a very cryptic post many months after announcing the plans for a Bowling Green location. It was an unremarkable photo of a warehouse. There was no caption, no context, just the structure. To most it didn’t mean anything, but to the underground climbing community of Bowling Green, it was huge. The two-tone, metal building attached to an existing fitness center would be home to Bowling Green’s first climbing gym.  

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Jones-Keeney Wildlife Management Area Group Hike

About a quarter mile down the trail we cross Buttercup Hill, which is just past peak bloom. We turn right down a side path to our first point of interest, Jones-Keeney Natural Bridge which is only about ten feet high at the top with an arch. Ducking under the rock slab, Shara shows us the chamber behind the arch which is backed by a 15-foot rock wall with a small waterfall and a couple of cairns left by previous hikers.  Mosses and ferns cover many of the rock faces. The place is magical. 

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Mammoth Cave National Park

First off, if you have never made a trip to Mammoth Cave National Park (MCNP) make sure to put it on the to-do list for 2016! When you take a tour in MCNP, you are not only walking into a geological masterpiece, but you are also walking into a piece of Kentucky’s history that is, for lack of better words, awesome. This is a remarkable experience for all ages, cultures, and interests alike. 

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