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Outdoor Rock Climbing Clinic with Kentucky Rock Climbing Adventure Guides

Space: 15

Price: $60

Kentucky’s Red River Gorge National Geological Area, is a 29,000 acre swath of land known for its sea of hemlock, beech, pine trees, patches of wild flowers, and miles of limestone cliffs carved out by the Red River.  The are is also an international rock climbing destination with hundreds of climbing routes for various skill levels. 

 We have partnered with  Kentucky Rock Climbing Adventure Guides, one of the Bluegrass’s premier climbing guide services to host an intro to sport climbing clinic on March 26th for members of our EKI community and the general public. The half day clinic will introduce participants to sport climbing and/or helps gym climbers transition to the outdoors. Students will learn knot tying, belaying, lead climbing,  cleaning (gear retrieval), climbing technique, and discussion of what gear to purchase (and how it should properly fit), where to purchase and gear maintenance. After the climbing, EKI Director, Gerry James will lead some short hikes to see Half Moon Rock, and Creation Falls. The day will end with rallying at Skybridge Station, a popular watering hole  in Wolfe County for brews and food.