Beaver Creek Blueway Trail

Glasgow, KY - Barren County

Partner: City of Glasgow Municipal Government



The Beaver Creek Blueway Trail is EKI's first ever outdoor recreation infrastructure project. We started working with the City of Glasgow in February 2018 after Mayor Dick Doty and Glasgow's Public Works Grants Coordinator, April Russell approached us to determine the viability of Beaver Creek ( a tributary of the Barren River) for paddlesports. EKI Founder, Gerry James and Carolyn Sexton drafted and implemented  a comprehensive project planning process that involve mapping the stream, developing an identity for the stream as a blueway trail, helping with fundraising efforts/grant writing to match the city's funding for the project, and hosting clean-up events. EKI is excited about this project as it will positively impact Barren County's public health, stream ecology, and generate ecotourism for now and future generations to come. 


  • With the backing of sponsors, the National Park Service, Glasgow VFW Club, and Barren County EMA - a 3 mile section of the stream has been cleared from Glasgow's VFW Club to the city’s Beaver Trail Park with free parking for paddlers is available at both ends of the trail. 
  • We lead the mapping process of the stream, documenting hazards, mileage, and designing access points.
  • We assisted Glasgow VFW Club Commander James Crump with the construction of wooden steps on the club's property to provide egress to Beaver Creek.
  • We worked with the city to host a public clean-up day with volunteers in canoes and on land collecting over 1500 lbs of trash from stream. 
  • We worked with city attorney to write an public access easement agreement on VFW club property.
  • We worked with Corbin, KY based graphic artist, Jordan Jung to design the branding identity for the trail.

Supporters & Sponsors

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